Message from Our Managing Director

As we’re processing thousands of refunds due to the current pandemic, I wanted to provide you with an update with regards to some current processing delays we’re seeing from our airline partners!

“As a travel agent, we immediately pass payment on to your chosen airline when you make a booking with us, in order to refund customers, we are reliant on our airline partners actioning refund requests we send them and then passing the funds back to us to enable us to credit you back. Unfortunately, given the volume of refunds being processed by our airline partners, they have refund processing backlogs that are resulting in delays in passing funds back to us to enable us to refund our customers, typically pre-pandemic refunds would take 4-8 weeks from the date of request, unfortunately we are currently seeing refund processing timelines well in excess of this!”

We wanted to take this opportunity to reassure you that we’re putting as much pressure as possible on our airline partners to expedite any outstanding refunds, and although we have seen delays we are processing refunds as quickly as possible once we’ve received your fund back.

Please accept my huge apologies for any inconvenience or hardship these days might be causing you if you’re still waiting for a refund!, but we’re doing everything in our power to ensure that all refunds are processed as quickly as possible.

Stay Safe and Well!

Stuart Newman,

Managing Director, LycaFly

Flight Booking with LycaFly

The pandemic has taken over the world and it is the travel industry that has been worst affected. We get queries on a daily basis from concerned customers, asking about the status of their refund. We would like you to know that even though LycaFly is only a travel agent and cannot rewrite airline guidelines and policies, we are doing our best to extend our whole-hearted support to you.

The refund policies are decided by the airline and we are abiding by all protocols and regulations to ensure speedy processing from our side. Presently, airlines are offering

A: Credit notes: Such credit notes help you to make future flight bookings. The calamity we are all facing has been of an unexpected nature and so this policy works best for both the airlines and the travellers. A credit note issued under your name will help you to make a flight booking in future. Please note that the credit note policy is decided by airlines and we will do our best to assist you in the matter.

B: Refund: Some airlines are offering refunds in which case you can apply for a cash refund. Please note that airlines are taking a lot of time in processing the refund due to a very heavy volume of transactions. On our part, we are doing our best to refund you your money once the airline refunds them to us.

COVID-19 Travel FAQs:

1) Due to COVID-19, my travel plans have changed. What do I do?

Kindly understand that the flight cancellations due to the unforeseen COVID-19 crisis, and are done from the side of the airlines. We, as an agency, have no power to schedule, cancel or reschedule a flight. However, it is in the best of our interest to assist you in every possible manner. In a scenario where the flights get cancelled, you can exercise one of these two options:

Credit note: This pandemic being an unprecedented situation, some airlines are offering credit notes (to be used against future flight bookings). We, on our part, are working round the clock to help process your credit note within 7-8 days after the airline issues it.

Refund: Some airlines are offering partial or full refund. We are very much pleased to announce that, in such a case, we shall be able to process your refund within 14 days. Refund of fare necessitates paperwork and quite a few legal protocols and so we understand that you shall appreciate the difficulty and be patient if there is any delay.

2) I do not care to wait for the airline’s refund, since I booked with you. Please give me my refund immediately.

We understand and appreciate your concern and anxiety. Even though your booking was with us, we are merely operating as an agent. Once the flight is booked, the money is paid to the airline, and it is the airline that has the sole right to cancel a flight and decide upon the refund policies.

That being said, we are trying to do our best to extend our support to you and to help you get back your money (either in form of refund or credit note) after communicating with the concerned airline, as soon as possible.

3) How do I check my refund application status?

We request you to call us on 02071323232 between 8 am and 10 pm to check the status of your refund application. Our phone lines are open now. You may also contact us through email at , mentioning your booking reference number and contact number used at the time of booking. The concerned team will check and revert you as soon as possible.

4) How will I get my refund?

The amount will be refunded to the same card from which the payment had been made.

5) I have received a credit note. But I need refund. Can I swap my credit note for a cash refund?

You are eligible to apply for the cash refund even if you have received a credit note, provided the airline is offering refund for the flight concerned. However, the refund policies are at the discretion of the airline.

6) I have booked a holiday package with you. Can I please get a full refund?

Yes, you can. In case you have booked a holiday package with us, we take the responsibility to ensure that we either offer you a credit note for the same (i.e. we book a similar holiday package once the pandemic crisis gets over) or we offer you a full refund. Please get in touch with us for more.

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