About Our Company

Driven by a passion to help you 'Travel the World for Less', LycaFly is a regulated travel agency and ticketing agent of the renowned Lyca Group. Founded in 2007, we have come a long way to be one of the most reliable and fastest growing travel agencies in the UK. Our bespoke travel solutions, tailored to the individual's specific needs and budget, have fulfilled globetrotting dreams of thousands of our customers with much ease and affordability. Whether you need to book affordable flight tickets, a hotel for your leisure or business trip, or a complete holiday package to match your style and occasion, LycaFly assures you the best-value deals and a travel experience you would cherish for long. In 2017, over 125K passengers were served by us in the United Kingdom, so rest assured you are in safe hands with us.


Why Choose LycaFly

The Cheapest Prices and Excellent Service

It's not often that the phrase 'best of both worlds' rings true, but for the trips planned by LycaFly, it certainly does. We strive to make your travel joyous as well as pocket-friendly. Our experienced and passionate travel experts bring the best feet forward to get you the cheapest prices for your best-suited travel itinerary.

Each trip is tailored with utmost care to give you the best value for money. For holidays, we coordinate with local operators and service providers, in a bid to feature all the highlights and lesser-known gems to your itinerary, so you could experience the real essence of the place you visit.

Our partnership with over 250 airlines and 5000 hotels globally powers us to provide you with EXCLUSIVE offers which you're unlikely to find anywhere else.

Financial Protection

All package holiday bookings and many flights made with LycaFly are protected in accordance with ATOL regulations. We're IATA and hold an ATOL and are committed to the utmost customer satisfaction and financial protection. When you buy an airline ticket or holiday package with us, your deposit and final payment are held in trust until you complete the trip. Book with confidence; your travel is in safe hands.

Easy Payment Plans

Speaking of the payment side, we strive to make it as easy as it gets. With us, you can book your trip with just a 10% deposit, plus you don't have to pay any credit card fees. Unable to pay the cost in one go? No worries, we have Fly Now Pay Later, through which you can spread the travel cost over easy, flexible instalments. Fulfilling the globetrotting dreams was never so easy.

Seamless Booking Experience

Be it is through our easy-to-navigate website or travel experts at our worldwide branches, booking with LycaFly is fast and hassle-free. Our online inventory of flight and holiday deals is segregated meticulously by keeping in mind the latest travel trends and holiday interests. So, it takes a few clicks to get what you need.

If you could not see what you are seeking, let our travel experts assist you. They are passionate about crafting the best travel experiences and love to go extra miles to make it a trip to remember.


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